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Horses Currently Offered for Sale or Lease:

Clees - For Sale

2005, 15.3 & 7/8h, Imported Holsteiner Gelding by Contender. Lengthy winning show record from Vermont to Florida. Qualified rider for Big Eq. Finals the past two seasons, 6th place finish in the 3'3 15& under Classic round at the National Junior Hunter Finals East 2018. Incredible jumper with an auto change, counter canter etc... Our daughter moved right off of a medium pony to this horse. Very sadly outgrown. Serious inquiries only. Video Available online.

Clees, Imported Holsteiner for sale
Photo Credit: ESI

AOF Noble & Pure - For Sale

Beautiful 2013, (currently measuring 15.3h), Belgian Warmblood Mare by Balt'amour. "Lilly" successfully showed on the line as a youngster and is going nicely undersaddle including jumping small courses with changes. She is ready to step into the Baby Greens. This is a quality Hunter prospect that is very reasonably priced!

AOF Noble & Pure

Ana - For Sale or Lease

2010, 16 hand, Warmblood Mare. This is a special horse for someone wanting to do both the Hunters and Equitation. She is very straightforward to the jumps with an auto change. She has local miles on the West Coast and is ready to continue on! Jumps 3' easily with step and scope to move up. *Should measure in as a Small Junior.

Ana for sale

Leap Frog - For Sale or Lease

2000, 17 hand Warmblood Gelding. Years of miles in the Hunters and Equitation. Now a perfect partner for x-rails thru 2'6. Auto changes, counter canter etc.

Warmblood gelding for sale

Hands Down Approval - For Sale

2005, 17h Registered (solid chestnut) Appaloosa Gelding. This big, beautiful horse has years of experience on the breed circuit but most recently started work over fences and loves it! Jumping 2'-2'6 with auto changes.

Reg. Appaloosa for sale

LeBeau - For Sale or Lease

2003, 17.1 Warmblood Gelding. Here is a nice big horse suitable for all three rings! Well broke on the flat, big slow step makes finding the jumps and getting down the lines easy and has auto changes. Another one with years of show mileage. Sweet personality!

LeBeau for sale

Ponies Currently Offered for Sale or Lease:

Lightening Storm - For Lease

2011, 12.1h Paint. Perfect for Leadline, WT & SS.

Lightening Storm jumping

Brother Bear - For Sale or Lease

2007, 12.1h Welsh Gelding! Here is your chance to own a very easy Eligible Green Small for 2019! Comes complete with local miles thru the children's. Simple enough for a short stirrup rider! Cute jump with auto changes! Ponies like this are hard to find at an affordable price! Video Available online.

Brother Bear jumping

Copperfield - For Sale or Lease

2006, 12.2 Welsh Gelding. A top Small Pony Hunter with years of winning miles at the biggest of venues! Finished 6th at Pony Finals 2017. This pony is adorable, brave, a very good mover and jumper with auto changes. Video Available online.


Clovermeade Cranbunny - For Sale or Lease

Clovermeade Cranbunny: 2007, 12.2, Registered Welsh Mare. Qualified for Pony Finals 2019 and has points towards Devon. This pony is a top model, hack and jumper with auto changes. Her kind, forgiving and dependable nature make her the perfect choice to take a Short Stirrup rider through the Pony Hunters. Video by request.

Clovermeade Cranbunny for sale

Beyond the Bunny - For Sale

2012, 13.1h, Registered Welsh, Gelding. Here is your chance to own the 2018 4th Place Overall National USEF Medium Green Pony Hunter for an incredibly reasonable price. The winner for the Children's that can take a rider right into the division. This pony is beautiful and very kind. Possible lease to a quality show home. Video by request.

Beyond the Bunny for sale
Photo Credit: Bryan Nigro

Cloud 9 - For Sale or Lease

2003, 13.1&1/2 Welsh Mare. Perfect first show pony WT through SS. Always jumps and always auto changes. Very reasonably priced!

Cloud Nine pony for sale or lease

Butterfly Kisses - For Lease

2012, 13.1 & 1/2h, Welsh, Mare. This pony has years of winning miles on the local circuit but has all the quality to successfully compete at the rated shows. A wonderful and affordable choice for the opportunity classes! Available for lease only to a perfect home.

Butterfly Kisses pony for lease

Orchard Hills Dressed in Black - For Lease

2011, 13.1 & 1/2h Welsh Gelding. This is an exciting prospect for the Green Pony Hunters. He has been carefully brought along by his trainer/owner and has shown in the SS and 2' with great success. He is a beautiful model, mover and jumper with auto changes. Lease preferred. Possible sale.

Orchard Hills Dressed in Black

Potpourri - For Lease

Aged, 14.1 & 1/4 Welsh Mare. "Poppy" is a proven winner from WT through SS both locally and at AA competitions. Always a top hack prize, adorable jump with auto changes! Video Available online.

Potpourri jumping

Call Me Maybe - For Sale or Lease

2003 14.1 & 1/2h Welsh x Warmblood Mare. Ribbons @ Pony Finals the past two years in the model this pony is not only beautiful but she is a very good jumper that is always brave and dependable. "Kally" can successfully take a rider from the Children's to the Larges. Video Available online.

Call Me Maybe jumping

Boss Man - For Sale

2008 14.1 & 1/2h Welsh Gelding. Beautiful mover and jumper that will model! Miles in the Children's, eligible green!

Boss Man jumping

Woodlands Sam I Am - For Sale

2007 Registered Welsh Gelding. This one is ready to step into the Greens 2019! Lovely model, mover and jumper with auto changes. Good local mileage! He is competitively priced and will be a fantastic investment for someone wanting a quality large without the six figure price tag! Video Available online.

Woodlands Sam I Am

Rise and Shine - For Lease

2005, 14.1 & 3/8h, Gelding. Miles from Short Stirrup thru the Large Pony Hunters (Pony Finals). Kind, brave, uncomplicated. Good mover and jumper with auto changes.

Rise and Shine large pony for lease

School Horse/Pony Leases:

We can set up either a 2 or 3 day a week on farm lease program for you that includes all board, vet, and blacksmith fees, as well as use of all tack. Lesson fees are not included in the lease pricing. Available on either a monthly basis or longer commitments are also available.

Our Current Lease Fees:

1/4 Lease 2 days per week $400 per month
1/2 Lease 3 days per week $600 per month


2002 14.2 hand Welsh/Paint Mare. This huge bodied large pony is the perfect size for a child or petite adult. She has three slow, comfortable gaits and is a great teacher for jumping xrails-2'6. She can go to local shows too! Sound, healthy and a pleasure to handle and ride.

Blue with Maddie Ahern

Please direct all inquiries regarding Sales and Leases to
June Gillis-Ahern (617) 688-5059 or email

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