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Victory Stables offers Instruction for riders of all levels. From beginners just wanting to ride for recreation, to those riders wishing to compete either on the Local or "A" Circuit, our knowledgeable and licensed staff of trainers and instructors will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We welcome children ages 4 & up as well as Adults into our lesson program. We have a nice selection of horses and ponies available for you to learn on!

Length Private Semi-Private/Group
30 minutes $75 $65
45 minutes $100 $90
60 minutes $150 $125

Lease of VS horse/pony: price varies, see June for info
Indoor arena rental time: $30 per hour, per horse

*Lesson pricing effective August 1, 2021

Please Note (Lesson Policies):
- Semi Private & Group lessons are on a limited basis and are only offered to students that are currently enrolled in our lesson program that are capable of riding independently.
- Practice Rides & Leases of School horses are only available to students that are currently enrolled in our lesson program.
- All lessons must be pre paid for in full at the beginning of each month. Absolutely no exceptions. Missed lessons that give at least 24 hours cancellation notice may be made up within the month they are missed however they may not be carried over to the next month. In the event of lessons being interrupted due to severe inclement weather and or holidays we will work with you to reschedule those lessons accordingly. *Please make sure you count how many weeks are in each month to come up with the accurate price for your lesson package. Some months have 5 weeks.
Educational Programs for schools, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout Troops can be arranged. Please inquire for pricing.


Training is available for both horses and ponies: Improving your horse on the flat, starting horses over fences, working through grids & gymnastics, graduating to jumping courses, schooling lead changes, show ring preperation. We are happy to setup a short or long term training program with the horses abilities and owners goals and budget in mind.

Ride Length Cost
30 minutes $60
45 minutes $90
60 minutes $120

Boarding:    Please check our list of additional services for boarders.

We offer quality care for your horse or pony. This includes a bright box stall with rubber mat flooring cleaned daily and well bedded with pine shavings. Horses & ponies receive daily individual turnout for 4-8 hours per day depending on your horses needs and weather permitting. We will take care of all blanket changes, boots & sunscreen/fly spray for turnout. Your horses feet are cleaned daily and treated if needed. We will also groom/wipe down your horse if needed after turnout. A personalized feed program is designed based on your horses condition and training program to keep your horse in optimum weight and with a beautiful healthy coat (free choice hay is available, many choices for grains, weekly bran mashes, Smartpak* supplements, Dengie*). Boarders have access to all amenities at the facility. A list of additional services offered for boarders is available.

Board TypeCost

Monthly Board-Only
Daily Board (less than one month)$35/day
Monthly Board (no pre-paid lessons/training)$975/month
Monthly Layup/Rehab Board (minimum)$975/month and up

Or choose from one of our monthly Board + Pre-Paid Lesson Packages
4 Lessons Per Month$1,235/month
8 Lessons Per Month$1,395/month
12 Lessons Per Month$1,575/month
16 Lessons Per Month$1,775/month
Additional Lessons or Training Sessions Regular Rate

Please Note (Board Policies):

- Pre-Paid Board and Lesson Packages are due in full on or before the 1st of each month!
- Pre-paid board, lesson & training packages are ineligible for refunds or carry over credits for missed lessons and or training rides. The pre-paid package services you select must be used within the month period that you pre-paid for.
- These packages offer a considerable discount from our usual rates and by offering these discounts we are basing your savings on your commitment to utilizing them.
- You may select to pay for base board and then pay as you go for lessons and training at the usual rate without the benefit of a discount.
- A "session" can be either a 30 min private lesson or 60min semi/group lesson.
- Inquire with June about pre-paid discounts for 45 minute sessions and 1 hour lessons.
- Additional fees apply for Smartpak supplements and Dengie.

- Layup Board cost may increase depending on the horse/ponies medical and care needs (i.e. hosing, wrapping, medicating, hand walking, etc.)

- Consignment Board pricing varies, please inquire for price.

* There are no refunds for unused days of boarding and boarding packages for any reason.

Sale Horse/Consignment Board:

We will actively and aggressively find the best target market for your Sale Horse or Pony. We will use our list of both Professional and Personal contacts within the Equine Industry both locally and throughout the Country as well as the Internet and Print advertising to help your Horse or Pony gain necessary exposure. Visit our Sales/Sold Page and view the numerous Horses and Ponies that we have successfully Sold/Leased.

Know that we enjoy every aspect of marketing from preparing the ads, putting together video and photographs to setting up appointments and presenting your horse or pony at their showings, returning phone calls and following up with potential buyers and their trainers. We take pride in transparent up front negotiations that you will be a part of. There are no hidden costs simply pay for your Horse/Ponies Board, Training, Vet and Farrier Bills, as well as for Horse Shows if so desired, plus any out of pocket advertising expenses that we agree on and a 10 percent commission at the time the Sale or Lease is successfully completed.

We will gladly provide you with references from both Sellers and Buyers that have worked with us over the years.


Horse Show opportunities range from on farm schooling shows to local unrated shows, through "A" and "AA" rated competitions. Riders, horses, and ponies we have trained have qualified for and competed at the following shows and Finals: New England Equitation Championships, MHJ, MHC, SEHA, RIHA, Marshall & Sterling Finals, FTI Winter Equestrian Festival, USEF National Pony Hunter Finals, USEF Medal Finals, Maclay Regionals, Zone I Finals, National Junior Hunter Finals, Devon, and The Pennsylvania National and Washington International Horse Shows.

Coaching fee $100 per person per horse
Trailering available upon request
Use of VS horse or pony Please inquire for horse show horse lease prices for day and overnight shows.
One Rider fee if only one client is showing $25
Braiding (prof braider is hired)
  *varies at overnight shows
$60-$65 mane | $30 tail
Unbraiding per horse $25
Grooms We are happy to arrange groom services for you
(full day private grooms or partial groom services are available). Fees vary.

Fees for Over Night Shows & Finals:

Coaching fee$125 per person per horse per day
StablingVaries Please Inquire
BraidingVaries Please Inquire
Use of VS horse or pony Please inquire for horse show horse lease prices for day and overnight shows.
Feed, Tack & Grooming Stalls will be divided by the number of riders attending the show
Initial set up fee $30 per horse - required
(Includes unloading tack trunks, setting up all of the stalls, mulch, drapes and flowers)
Day CareDay Care is required! You must select one prior to the show.
- Basic Day Care $50 per horse per day*
(Bandages On/Off, Feeding/Watering, Stall Cleaning, Blanketing)
- Day Care Plus $90 per horse per day*
(Bandages On/Off, Feeding/Watering, Stall Cleaning, Blanketing, Bathing, Tack Cleaning)
Hay & Shavings will be divided by the number of horses attending the show
Grain/SupplementsN/C will be brought to show
Lodging for trainer/grooms will be divided by the number of riders attending the show
Golf cartwill be divided by the number of riders attending the show

        *Your groom will be responsible for all other services not included herewith.
        *Show pricing updated April 1, 2022.

Horse Sales, Leasing and Assistance with Purchases

Victory Stables, Inc. receives a 10% commission for all purchases, sales and "full" lease transactions its clients take part in. In the event the transaction is between two clients of Victory Stables, Inc. each party (Buyer/Seller or Lessor/Lessee) will instead be subject to a 7.5% commission fee. Please speak directly with June regarding the specific services we offer and for the additional fees that apply for both the Marketing and Purchasing of Horses and Ponies.

Horse Transportation

Please call for rates.

Summer Programs

Please inquire about dates & times or see our Summer Programs information online!

ASTM Approved Helmets Required when riding!

Victory Stables also offers school vacation camps and student horse shows.
Contact June for details.

Note: All riders who have taken more than 4 lessons must buy their own ASTM approved riding helmet, paddock boots, riding pants or chaps. Riders hair must be pulled back or in a hairnet. Riders may also purchase their own crop.


In addition to offering instruction at our facility head trainer June Gillis-Ahern is also available to teach clinics for other farms. June will work closely with the host facility to create a lesson plan that compliments the riders current experience level while challenging them to make improvements both on the flat as well as over fences. Auditors are encouraged!

*Pricing available upon request.


June Gillis-Ahern holds her USEF "r" card for Hunters and Equitation, and is a NEHC Level 1 Licensed Judge for Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation and IEA, IHSA, and NCEA Licensed Judge. Judging is available for NEHC recognized/ affiliated Horse Shows as well as for Schooling Shows.

*Pricing available upon request.

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